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July 7, 2004 - Particle Count Results Confusing

Your normally stable particle counting program has recently gone haywire. Counts downstream of filters are higher than before the filter. How do you identify the root cause of the abnormal particle counts?


readers challenge archives:

Justifying an Oil Analysis Program

Your maintenance manager doesn't think you need an oil analysis program. How do you justify starting an oil analysis program?
May 5, 2004

Is Turbine Flush Justified?

Inspection of a main turbine oil reveals paint chips, water and babbit in a main return line. Is it time for a flush?
January 14, 2004

Oil analysis without particle counting?

At a large power generation company the oil analysis lab manager suggests that you stop performing routine particle counts. What do you do?
November 19, 2003

Developing a motor regreasing strategy

You've just been hired as a maintenance engineer at a plant that hasn't regreased electric motor bearings for years. How do you develop a regreasing strategy for these motors?
September 10, 2003

Selecting machines for oil analysis

You just started an oil analysis program for 4,000 pieces of rotating equipment. Which machines get tested first and what tests would you run?
July 16, 2003

Transitioning to a new lube supplier

When switching to a new lubricant supplier compatibility is always and issue. How would you handle the transition from one supplier to another?
April 23, 2003

Are you testing your oil onsite?

More than ever, companies are using onsite instruments and simple bench-level tests to get immediate information about the health of their lubricants and machinery.
March 5, 2003

Are your sumps accessorized for lubrication excellence?

Giving in-service lubricants a healthy place to live is important, and outfitting reservoirs with the proper accessories can make a big difference in machine health.
February 26, 2003

Showcase your lube room

We asked readers to send pictures of their world-class lubricant storage and dispensing rooms.
February 19, 2003

Flash point takes a dive

This winter you sent a sample of a 220 cSt EP gear oil to your lab for routine analysis. The oil was used in an outdoor gearbox ...
February 12,  2003

Low oil pressure

Imagine a small construction company in Minneapolis, MN USA. One winter morning you attempt to start the engine of a dozer ...
February 5, 2003

Hydraulic fluid is darkening - quick what would you do?

You pull a fluid sample from a hydraulic system - it's become darker. What would you do?
January 22, 2003

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