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» Are Shops Adding Incompatible Grease?
» Reasons for Finding Calcium in Engine Oil
» 14 Point Checkup for Effective Oil Filtration

Are Shops Adding Incompatible Grease?

Always specify the grease to be used by the companies that rebuild your motors (and other equipment with greased bearings). If you don't, the grease they use may be incompatible with grease you use to replenish the bearing lubricant. It would be time well spent to visit a frequently used shop, and ask someone on the shop floor to show you how he or she knows what grease to add to your equipment bearings. (Van Richard, Sr. Reliability Engineer, Georgia Gulf)

More about electric motor lubrication.

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Cut Lubricant Consumption by
More Than 50%

Cutting lubricant purchases in half can have a huge impact ... but what’s the best method? Lubricant consolidation? Extending drain intervals? Economy brands? Contamination control? Oil analysis?

In this session at Noria's Reliable Plant 2009, Jim Fitch outlines a plan for safely squeezing maximum life out of lubricants and drastically cutting new lubricant purchases without sacrificing machine health.

Lube Trivia: Reasons for Finding Calcium in Engine Oil

Test your knowledge and prepare for ICML lubrication and oil analysis certification.

Question: What is the most common reason for finding calcium in engine crankcase oils? To what parameter might this relate?

Get the answer.

Grease Thief™
The Grease Thief makes sampling and analyzing in-service grease simple. It works for motor bearings, gearboxes, motor-operated valves and other critical machinery.

Request Your Grease Thief Sample

14 Point Checkup for Effective Oil Filtration
  • Are existing full flow filters capable of meeting the equipment manufacturer's specifications or have these filters been replaced with less expensive jobber filters, whose quality and efficiency ratings may be questionable?

  • Are all lubricants pre filtered before being added to a system?

  • Are all breathers, filter bypass indicators, external seals and other contamination control devices operating properly, and are they inspected regularly and serviced when necessary?

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Oil Analysis Training
Noria's Oil Analysis Level I training is coming to Minneapolis on May 19-21 and Miami, Florida on June 9-11.

Overview | Course Outline | Dates and Locations

Noria Training Calendar

MAY 2009

Oil Analysis I
19-21  MinneapolisMN

Análisis de Aceite – I
19-21  MéxicoD.F.

Aplicaciones de Lubricantes
13-14  Buenos Aires

Lubricación de Equipo Móvil
6-7  LeonGto.

Lubricación de Maquinara I
12-14  Santo DomingoPuerto Rico
26-29  HerediaCosta Rica

Oil Analysis I and II
19-22 Bangkok

Técnicas de Lubricación
15  Santo DomingoPuerto Rico

Machinery Lubrication and Oil Analysis
18-21  Nagoya, Japan






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