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Justifying an Oil Analysis Program
Your maintenance manager doesn't think you need an oil analysis program. How do you justify starting an oil analysis program?
Oil analysis without particle counting?
At a large power generation company the oil analysis lab manager suggests that you stop performing routine particle counts. What do you do?
  Developing a motor regreasing strategy
You've just been hired as a maintenance engineer at a plant that hasn't regreased electric motor bearings for years. How do you develop a regreasing strategy for these motors?
Transitioning to a new lube supplier
Your company switched to a new lubricant supplier and your team is asking questions about compatibility and reliability impacts the transition might cause. What do you do?
  Switching to synthetics after 50,000 miles?
Drew Troyer discusses the pros and cons of converting from mineral oil to a synthetic lubricant.
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Hydraulic Fluid Darkening

Flash Point Takes a Dive

Are Your Sumps Accessorized for Lubrication Excellence?

Selecting Machines for Oil Analysis

Unusual Particle Counts Confusing


Low Oil Pressure

Showcase Your Lube Room

Are You Testing Your Oil Onsite?

Is Turbine Flush Justified?

Bewildering Oil Analysis Results


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Choosing the Right Hydraulic Fluid
For your application.

Oil Filter Advice

Full-flow and bypass filters evaluated.

Gear Oil Comparison and Selection
Types of gear oil and what to use.



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